My reading of about a boy

The book is about a boy who struggles to fit into society and get friends. Furthermore, it doesn´t help that his mother struggles and is being overprotective.

The story takes place in the capital of England, London. The whole book is about how the main character, Marcus, develops as a person. (Especially how he improves his social skills).

Bilderesultat for about a boy

Character development

” Will couldn´t resist it: he had a theory he wanted to test out. “Hey, Fiona. Why   don´t you get your sheet music out, and we can murder `Both Sides Now´?”

“Would you like to?”

“Yeah. Sure” But he was watching Marcus, whose wxpression was that of a boy who had been asked to dance naked before a mixed audience of supermodels and cousins.

“Please, Mum. Don´t.”

“Don´t be silly. You love singing. You love Joni Mitchell.”

“I don´t. Not anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.”

Will knew then, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Marcus would be OK.

These last sentences in the book show the reader how far Marcus has come from being nearly dependant on his mother to making his own decisions.

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