Spare Parts

Spare Parts

What surprised me about the list?;

The fact that there was no advertisement for the Robotics competition in the recruiting office, nor was Oscar the impetus for the group although Oscar was very much a go-getter and leader.


The difference in resources the teams had to use on the robot and how this influenced their work;

The team had to be creative during the making of their underwater robot because they did not have nearly as many resources as their opponents. This influenced their choice of materials and they had to use different resources than intended. For example, the other teams could afford waterproof components instead of using tampons, which made their robot.


Areas where a robot can be useful;

In Japan, robots can be used for actual useful events such as undergo tests before entering the harsh radioactive environment. This can help us know how much wreckage needs to be cleared before decontamination work can begin.

Another country where Artificial intelligence is being used as a tool on a daily basis is China. Some AI robots here can determine if someone is about to wake up from a coma for example. The AI system developed in Beijing can trace brain activity which is invisible to the human eye. In the future, this could help many doctors to determine future events for a patient, though this cannot replace a human doctor just yet.

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