The Wall of Fears

  1. What is the story behind the wall? When Donald Trump was running for president he promised to build a wall between USA and Mexico so that the illegal immigrants from Mexico that walked over the border was stopped.
  2. Why is it so important? Because US citizens think immigrants from Mexico is a threat to their jobs, so they are afraid of losing their jobs. They also think that Mexicans bring drugs and more crime with them.
  3. What is a government shutdown? Is this the first time this happens? A government shutdown is when non-essential discretionary federal programs close. It occurs when Congress fails to appropriate funds. It is certainly not the first time it is happening. To be precise, this is the 7th time it has happened.
  4. Are there any similarities to the building a wall along the Mexican border and Brexit? The fact that both of the countries are trying to distance themselves from their neighbor countries.
  5. Who is affected by this shutdown? A lot of the federal employees are affected in a really bad way by this shutdown.
  6. What does the “Buck stops with me” mean. It means that a person will take full responsibility for what he/she is doing. It was first introduced by Harry S. Truman.fullsizeoutput_36c

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