Brexit in 50 words

Brexit is a telescopic word for “British exit“. It is set to take place on the 29th of March, 23:00 British time. The reason behind the exiting of the EU is the referendum that was held on the 23rd of June back in 2016, where 51,89% voted for Brexit, while the remaining 48,11% voted against. Advertisements

The wall of fears

What is the story behind the wall? When Donald Trump was running for president he promised to build a wall between USA and Mexico so that the illegal immigrants from Mexico that walked over the border was stopped. Why is it so important? Because US citizens think immigrants from Mexico is a threat to their jobs, so they … More The wall of fears

Ernest Hemingway

The short story “A days wait”, written by Ernest Hemingway we meet a dad and his son Schatz, a nine-year-old who got influenza. The short story is a classic Hemingway text because it is written without loads of adjectives and in a very direct way. In other words, we can say that he wrote his literature in a very specific … More Ernest Hemingway

Spare Parts

What surprised me about the list?; The fact that there was no advertisement for the Robotics competition in the recruiting office, nor was Oscar the impetus for the group although Oscar was very much a go-getter and leader. ____________ The difference in resources the teams had to use on the robot and how this influenced … More Spare Parts